Medical Marijuana- Frequently Asked Questions- Buy Edibles Online Canada

Growing medical marijuana in Colorado is rapidly growing also since the use of marijuana has been legalized in the state in 2001. Patients who use the drug for their treatments must be aware of the federal laws and might as well as the state laws. There are a lot of questions about medical marijuana. The following are just some of the most frequent and commonly asked questions with its answers. Have a look at Buy Edibles Online Canada for more info on this.

-If I have a registry card, will it protect me from arrest? Consuming and growing medical marijuana in Colorado by the qualified patient and caregiver is allowed but must not exceed the recommended amount. The law only provides the following limits of marijuana consumption and cultivation: a maximum of two ounces only of usable form of marijuana and grows no more than six marijuana plants.

-I don’t want other people to know that I have a registry card. Will my confidentiality be protected? Once you register, confidentiality is secured by the law. Law enforcers can only verify the registration of an identification card. Information from the registry is stored in a computer with a password. The office is locked at night and no registration forms are allowed to go outside the office.

-I have a health insurance, will they pay my application? You, the patient must pay the full amount upon application. Renewal of application annually must be also being paid. Instalments and waives for the fee are not allowed. Paying of fees by the insurance company is not required.

-Can I change my caregiver? What if my caregivers or I move to another state? If any changes have been made, the qualified patient has to notify the registry within ten days. If a patient did not designate a caregiver upon application, then he or she may write any time within the effective period only of the identification card.

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